a very, VERY happy birthday and sweet 16 to my boo alya!! ♥ i love you so much, and i’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me. and i truly feel sorry and bad that i couldn’t make any better edit of gif set for you or something…i just can’t. but i hope you know how much you mean to me, and that i’m proud of you! so i wish you all the best in this world, and a very happy birthday surrounded with people you love <3

xx nelli

everyone go wish my boo thorne-daily aka alya a very happy bday!! ♥

kinda weird/hard in fangirl life rn since miley is so heartbroken over floyd but bella’s having all these projects and i’m so fucking excited and happy

lovely i love youre blog!!

aww thank you SO much, it means a lot xx

i hope everything i’m editing rn works when i post them…last time i did something like this it didn’t go as planned


everybody follow:

these bitches rules ♥

omfg thank you SO much, it’s an honor to be listed here, really <3 also thanks for all the help and ideas u gave me, and remember ily ♥ and u’d also be on the top of my list haha!